Would your swimming benefit from more coaching, motivation and challenging targets? Or do you want to learn or perfect the freestyle echnique? Then sign up for our Swim of the Day (SWOD). 

The SWOD is our daily training course for people of various levels of proficiency, working on your fitness and technique under the supervision of a professional coach. A SWOD session takes at most 60 minutes and is restricted to 12 participants. 


During the SWOD sessions, we always highlight a specific aspect of the front crawl technique. This could relate to breathing, how to move your legs most effectively or to your position in the water. You then apply the lessons learned during the fitness-focused part of the training. Every day, we offer you new exercises and challenges.


At SwimGym we train at three progressive levels of proficiency:

You have swimming experience and easily swim a few lanes non-stop breaststroke. You swim insufficient freestyle or less then 100m non-stop at a time. You like to learn how to improve your freestyle.

You can comfortably swim 200m of freestyle in one go, but you struggle with longer distances or to develop your speed. Your freestyle technique needs a bit of work.

You are able to swim long distances of freestyle and train at different speeds. Your basic technique is already pretty good. However, there is always room for improvement.


All memberships and punchcards give access to the daily SWOD sessions. If you are looking for coaching and challenging targets, but group training doesn’t appeal to you, then you should check out our personal training offers. Send an email to pt@swimgym.nl so we can inform you of the possibilities.