Work individually with a personal trainer and maximise your result. Personal training is a great way to achieve your personal goals and work on your swimming technique and overall fitness simultaneously. 

You can choose between a personal training package of 10 sessions, 5 sessions or book a single session personal training. 

Personal Training Package

A personal training package is offered in combination with a membership package or Punch Card:

10 sessions Personal Training: €625 (€62.50/session) 
5 sessions Personal Training: €365 (€73/session)


Personal training is available on weekdays between 6:30 and 12:00 in the morning and between 13:30 - 17:00 in the afternoon. Contact us for further information and availability.


1 session

Do you want a one time advise or try personal training? Buy and book here a single session personal training. For SwimGym members (€80) as well as non-members (€100).



After your purchase you can schedule your session with the personal trainer of your choice in our personal training schedule or in the SwimGym app.

Schedule your single personal training session with an availably trainer up to 7 days ahead. You discuss your wishes and focus points with your coach at the start of the session.